Voices of the Unheard

A series of programs, conducted both inside and outside of detainment camps, that enable at-risk youth and incarcerated children to write, helping them build a foundation for success.

The heartfelt work of graduates - consisting of essays, poetry, and other art - is published in a beautifully bound volume called Voices of the Unheard and honored at a ceremony.

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The Anti-Bullying Project

We've all been touched by bullying, in one way or another. And sadly, children who have been bullied often go on to bully others.

The Anti-Bullying Project seeks to change that, giving students at Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall a safe space to share their stories, gaining a better understanding of and learning to empathize with their peers. Students' artistic and literary work is then published in a collection, Violence & Peace: The Silent Speak, which is distributed to all participants.

It is Spirit Awakening's goal to bring The Anti-Bullying Project to as many classrooms as possible.


The Little Book of Transformation

Akuyoe Graham found inspiration for Spirit Awakening in the physical and emotional voyage she took as a young woman, traveling  across the seas and toward self-awareness.

In The Little Book of Transformation, Akuyoe guides readers as they embark on their own introspective journeys, offering them a road map to the discovery of their authentic selves.

An Angel By My Side

Spoken words of teens and youth detained in the juvenile justice system. 

Who am I?
I am exactly who they say I am
They say this is the place to get yourself together- this is a lie...
I used to be a wildflower
Who am I?
I am what they've made me become